Your guess is good as ours. No joke. That said, guesses never stopped anything. From poetry to novels, amateur photo to garage band music productions, it’s to wherever artistic endeavor, natural talent and hard work takes us to. Here we go. Join us if you dare. This is experimental spaceship, you should know.

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The Story

Hector’s Place. Mama’s Place. Same home. Same spirit. Hustler’s mentality. From before a time of the negative connotations of vice, contraband, ill-conjured, yet of a time when nothing was given, in fact, much was taken. A time where you couldn’t just work hard and get by, you had to figure out your work, by trial and error, no one taught you, many times shape-shifting, network with others in the same bucket work extremely hard… with no guarantee. A generation long gone, they are the inspiration, as perfect as imperfect people could ever be. Because they remembered each other. How else could you overturn the world? We will never be as great as them, facts, but to give up in our own endeavors more secular and commercial in a similar quest of dreams, when their lives were transcendently difficult. We have to try at least, and maybe, make clear, voices, visions, dreams.

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