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This privacy policy describes the personal data collected or processed when you visit It explains how your personal data is used. That data is not sold, but is useful in shopping functions connected with various payment processors, in setup of personal website account and in transfer of purchase invoices and newsletters. All to provide you with various products you desire. A list of the information that may be collected:

Contact details: Name, email, telephone number, shipping and billing address;

Login and account information: Username, password, unique user ID;

Personal details: Gender, hometown, date of birth;

Payment info as relates to credit cards or credentials for an online payment system.

Great care has been taken to secure the visits to this site and shopping function of this website including use of the most reputable and renown online payment processors and latest versions of website security protocol. That said, no entity of any e-commerce platform can guarantee perpetual protection. We urge due diligence. Wherever you shop whether online or brick and mortar, routinely check bank accounts sourcing these transactions. Also remember to log off various accounts including banking when finished with personal device and avoid public wi-fi if possible. This document is a work in progress as law, business and online protocols are always changing. If you have any questions, please submit them in email at [email protected]


This site uses Google Analytics to collect and process analytical data about users of the site. Google Analytics tracks your interaction with the site keeping information about IP address, operating system, web browser, pages seen, information about site visitors, device used etc. As respects this site, information acquired by analytics is used to better facilitate the visitor’s experience in this site and streamline site operations. The information garnered is not shared or sold with anyone by this site yet may be used by Google for its endeavors.


These small files are transferred to various devices from sites visited to enable recognition and facilitate the transfer of data, essentially allowing the website to learn about the user. Many browsers have features to turn it off should you choose to do so. It won’t affect the purchase data stored in personal account.



Account holder details such as products purchased and email address are kept until account is terminated and mailing lists are unsubscribed from. Other personal info, as respects the duration of its storage for this site is subject to the website’s cache capacity, purge timelines and backup settings. Very little information is taken though, most important of these, payment information handled by payment merchants who bear the greater part of purchase transaction as a safety measure on their own web servers.


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