The lab is in one way the same as many places. There are rules…

This site is the digital home of the Toro Zaen literary experiment. Emphasis on experiment. There is no guarantee for its existence, even from day to day. Toro Zaen LLC reserves the right to terminate it and all accounts associated with it at will. If done so, the best effort to alert account holders and visitors to imminent site shut down will be made. Affiliate sites will more than likely continue to host digital works of this website.

All sales are final. There are no refunds for purchases made on this site. E-books and Music files of the site can be found on affiliate sites which may or may not give refunds. Info should be found in their Terms of Use pages. Should issue arise with a purchase please send an email with detailed screenshot to [email protected] or call the customer help number if available.


Should issues or damages arise with said device be it mobile phone, tv or personal computer after using this site, know that its web hosting, content management platform, owners or operators are not responsible for said issues or damages. Diligent effort will be made to isolate cause and suggest solutions but there is no guarantee for such, more often than not an issue on the visitor’s end. All files uploaded to site are scrutinized to the highest level possible and wherever patch, update or security

flaw as relates to web systems of this site are broadcast in the tech community, be assured it is put into effect as quickly as possible.


All media, (images, e-books, musical works) of the TORO ZAEN website including work of affiliate artists is protected under U.S. copyright law. To copy or redistribute it without the consent of its creators is prohibited.


Thank you for visiting the lab.

TORO ZAEN. The Literary Experiment. What this place becomes, who knows. 🙂


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