The literary experiment. In music… but what does anything “literary” have to do with music? What is music? (The author of this post for the first time in existence asks this question right now, more than likely, at the same time the reader asks themselves that question.) We know this: Songs are formed of some element of sound, even if it’s the human voice by itself, plus some written medium, even if only written in the mind tribute the heart. Textbooks are written. So are novels and poems. The difference is soul or character. One is just a collection of information and charts that give one knowledge. The others are written works, fiction or non-fiction that motivate and stir, giving one emotion. All things written for consumption; literature. All things written with soul. Literary, the words of your favorite poets, the lyrics of your favorite songs, borne of music.

         Back to where we started. The literary experiment. In music… because all music is literary. What does Bandcamp have anything-What is bandcamp? We’re not explaining that here. Just hit the link. We’ll tell you this: The music experiment is whatever heart and soul inspires to create music as much as the mind and it’s logic seeks to preserve music. In a world full of  one-dollar-million-song subscriptions and stream-billions-from-the-artist-pocket platforms, it clear to see music is on the way out. Many artist struggle in the twisted cycle of being robbed because of wanting to do what they love, many forced to quit, because of pennies on the dollar, what various streaming services agree to pay. The ones that remain, exist due to exceeding grind, love for the artform and dedicated fans.

          All the real fans exists at Bandcamp, because Bandcamp insists its patrons be real fans. Yes, the company receives its cut, the same way the artist will receive from the fans, yet what is all the money in the world when you can’t buy what doesn’t exist, because the music doesn’t exist because the musician quit musicianry, something that used to be a real profession in order to do something that allowed them to eat. How do you inspire people and motivate people of many sorts, yet starve—No. The fan really receives ever new and brilliantly conceived variable music because the artist isn’t starving, because they are doing what they love and properly compensated for it because the music service is… fair. There’s popular music and what big label pays millions of dollars to put in front of your face like healthy 5-patty cheeseburger. Then there’s what you stumble on because it showed up as recently purchased feature in Bandcamp’s album carousel. Like out of season strawberries in someone’s garden. The literary—00ps… the music experiment… at Bandcamp. Welcome to the lab. As much possible, before the vibes end.

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