I WANT TO E.P. (ZMAR) (003)


Everything the I Want To _RZA music production is. More bass the only change. Literally. Just for kicks. Figuratively and literally.

Rap music in vocal delivery. Soul music in subject matter. Supposedly, whatever that means, this is all part of an experiment you should know. Nothing about the artist. Everything about the art. Four songs, their instrumentals altered five times on top of an original master, tribute bass fiends, split in two parts (_RZA) and (ZMAR), each with three renditions of each song. This is ZMAR, containing three more orders of bass alterations on top of the two given in _RZA. Keep what you like, delete what you don’t. Normal music production does not do this, extra work, more complicated then it has to be, but that’s the good thing about independent labels, you make your own rules as you break preexisting ones, hopefully not breaking the music itself… or listeners. Look forward to more experiments due whatever form of literature, music or imagery comes to this place. Starting with Prince Jae.


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I WANT TO E.P. (ZMAR) (003)

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